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About Coloring Page Kids

The Coloring Page Kids website is a joint-effort between two old high school buddies from Glendale, Arizona (Ironwood High School, to be exact) who have come back together some 13 years later to do something we both love: drawing coloring pages for kids. The project is more of an experiment in online entertainment and also an attempt to fill a huge void in quality coloring pages website, while attempting to give such a site a human face.

This website is more than another set of landing pages to generate advertiser money and opportunities, but is a real attempt to engage the online community in fulfilling their needs for quality and original coloring pages.

Sun Swing Media retains the rights to all images featured on this site. No image has been illegally copied or replicated from other sources or features illegal or unlicensed materials.

At the very heart of ever coloring page is a simple form of creative entertainment. It allows children to transform a simple black and white outline into a colorful expression of their personal interpretations.

If you appreciate the service, please leave us a tip just as you would a balloon artist at a restaurant.